Saturday Course(サタデーコース)

Saturday Course

Saturday Course students recently enjoyed creating original artworks using chalk and tissues.

They drew designs on different colored paper using chalk and then rubbed it using tissues.

7/1は全クラス”Create Chalk Tissue Art”というアクティビティをしました。






Penguins Class

With their big voices, Penguins students were able to ask the teachers for chalk

and paper and drew their beautiful artworks on black paper.

The contrast made the pictures stand out more. Good job Penguins!


”It’s chalk.” や”Can I have a piece of chalk, please.”など大きな声でリピートすることができました。

黒い紙が欲しい時はなんていうかな”Can I have a piece of black paper, please.”



DSCN6836 DSCN6857 DSCN6851




Seals Class

Seals students learned the names of different shapes and were able to say

“It’s a heart,” and “It’s a cat.” They enjoyed drawing on brightly colored paper

and enjoyed talking about their designs.

このクラスでは”May I have a piece of paper, please?”、”Chalk, please.”


英語で言えるかな子ども達は手を挙げて、”It’a heart.” ”It’s a cat.” ”It’s a diamond.”

などと答えてくれました。型をもらう時も、”May I have a heart, please?”とお願いできました。

DSCN6874 DSCN6890 DSCN6884


Dolphins Class

Dolphins students were free to choose their chalk, color paper and design.

They were very creative in their drawings and were able to draw

and then talk about their art, “I drew a robot!”



”I drew a robot!!”や”I drew a rabbit. I like rabbits.”など、たくさんお話をしてくれましたよ♪

DSCN6866 DSCN6861 DSCN6859



Otters Class

Otters were given free reign to design and then present their original chalk art.

Some students drew Japanese and American landmarks,

while others drew mathematical pictures and then they went around to the

other classes and asked them to choose their favorite design.

Which one do you like the best?



”This is Japan and here is Mt. Fuji.”などと描いたものを全て説明してくれました。

”1+1”と数式を描いてくれた子は、”One plus one equals two!”と元気に答えてくれました。

先生と、他のクラスへ”Which one do you guys like?と聞いて、


DSCN6838 DSCN6845 DSCN6867

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